Christie on Iran Deal: ‘The President’s Lying to Us’

Friday, on CNN’s “New Day,” Republican presidential candidate Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) said President Obama is “lying to us” on the nuclear deal with Iran.

Christie said, “Well, it’s an awful deal. It could lead to the destruction of Israel, because we’ve now given the capacity for a nuclear weapon to a nation that is still said that they want wipe Israel off the map, while they’re of course, chanting ‘Death to America’ as well.”

When asked about the president’s argument that China and Russia were no longer interested in maintaining sanctions so a deal had to happen now, Christie said, “There’s absolutely no evidence of that. This is what the president’s saying to justify a bad deal. And by the way, that’s part of your job as president, is to convince the allies in this, that not allowing further nuclear proliferation to the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world is appropriate. And one last thing, the president’s lying to us, the president stood up and said, ‘inspections anytime anywhere, 24/7 access.’ What have we found when we read the document? Document says that we could wait as long as 24 days to get access.”

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