Watch: First Full-Length Trailer for James Bond Movie ‘Spectre’

The first extended trailer for James Bond’s next outing hit the Internet on Wednesday.

“Spectre” follows Bond (Daniel Craig) as he races around the world to uncover the sinister motivation of the shadowy SPECTRE organization.

Ralph Fiennes steps into the role of M, while Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris are back as Q and Moneypenny, respectively, after handling the roles in “Skyfall.”

But perhaps the most hotly-anticipated addition to the cast is Christoph Waltz as villain Franz Oberhauser. Waltz looks to be channeling his inner Blofeld in that collared jacket.

Bond fans also get a first look at Agent 007’s new ride, the Aston Martin DB10, which was created exclusively for the film, and at some of this iteration’s Bond Girls, including Léa Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann.

For extra credit, see if you can guess which classic Bond movie’s theme song kicks in at around the 1:45 mark (Hint: the actor playing Bond in the movie only ended up playing the role once).

“Spectre” hits theaters November 6.