Trump: ‘I Identify with Some Things as a Democrat’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential candidate and billionaire business mogul Donald Trump explained that he doesn’t have an allegiance to political party when it comes to some issues.

When asked about past statements that he identify more as a Democrat and that the economy does better under the Democrats Trump said, “I identify with some things as a Democrat but generally speaking — if you look at what happened, I was never a Bush fan I will tell you. In fact—I just say about this one of the last things we need is another Bush. When the economy crashed so horribly under George Bush because of mistakes they made having to do with banking and lots of other things. I don’t think the Democrats would have done that.”

He continued, “Now I’ve seen it both ways. I hated what I was watching the last two years of George Bush. It was a bubble that was waiting to explode. It was a bubble that with Joe and Mika I told them it was waiting to explode. I told a lot of people. I was right. I’m pretty good at that stuff. But what they were doing was a death wish. And I saw that. That was a Republican thing. Now would a Democrat have done those same things? Possibly. In all fairness to McCain, when he came in, I mean Abraham Lincoln could have run against Obama at that time. You know, you just couldn’t have won. So I have seen things over the years done by Republicans that I totally disagree. I’m a Republican. I’m actually quite conservative to put it mildly. But I have seen things done by Republicans that are not good and not smart. I wouldn’t do that.”

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