Coulter: Trump Making Other GOP Candidates Look ‘Pale,’ ‘Clichéd’

Ann Coulter, author of “Adios, America,” said on Saturday’s broadcast of “America’s Newsroom HQ” on the Fox News Channel that while she has doubted 2016 GOP primary candidate Donald Trump would keep his firm stance on illegal immigration, she thinks Trump is “way ahead of everyone else.”

Coulter said she remains “terrified” Trump will back away from his illegal immigration stance, but that voters have been “dying” for a politician to talk about immigration and that the other candidates are “clichéd” and “pale” looking compared to Trump.

“I’m dying to see this debate and it will be interesting, I mean, what has put Trump way ahead of everyone else is talking about immigration in a way the voters have been dying for some politician to talk about immigration; be serious about putting a fence on the border and deporting the illegal aliens. That’s really what put him ahead for people like me, we remain terrified that he’ll back away from that and I don’t think he will and he hasn’t yet.”

“The difference between the other candidates and Donald Trump, and I was going to say I keep waiting for him to say something that’s gonna turn me off; since he’s entered the race, I started noticing how pale the other candidates are and they’re actually saying things that are annoying me,” Coulter stated. “Not so much, well some of them, on policy, but even the ones I want to like seem kind of clichéd and that’s why I’m interested to see this debate and I would love for any polls after the debate to include Mitt Romney in it.”

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