Levin: We Need ‘A Real, New Civil Rights Movement’

Talk radio host and author of “Plunder and Deceit,” Mark Levin called for “a real, new Civil Rights movement” “where we advance liberty, prosperity, private property rights, capitalism, American sovereignty, and individual sovereignty” on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Levin declared, “The Liberty Amendments are there and people should continue to press for a convention of the states, bottom-up. I talk grassroots all the time. We believe in federalism. We believe in the 10th Amendment, Washington is not going to correct the design that he created. Obama’s on the loose. Congress is on the loose. The courts are on the loose. And Article V, the convention of the states, is what the framers gave us to fix that. What I’ve done here is I say, ‘You know, young people, you need to stir yourselves, you need to inform yourselves. Every poll shows that you resist authority. Every poll shows that you don’t like the status quo. Every poll shows  you don’t like, or trust, government. And yet, you vote for all three of those in every election cycle.’ And they’re robbing themselves blind. And so, what I’m saying is, ‘You need to stir yourselves, inform yourselves.’ And yet, you know, you and I say, our generation, parents and grandparents, we say, ‘You know, what’s wrong with these kids?’ I’ll tell you what’s wrong with these kids, we send them to schools that are left-wing, with left-wing tenured professors. The media is left-wing. It is endless, the drumbeat out of Hollywood. The culture is left-wing, the politicians. It’s time that people, you, me, parents, and grandparents, there’s millions of us, that we be the Paul and Paulette Reveres, and we inform our kids, have them informed, so they challenge the professors, so they challenge the media, so they do what needs to be done. I’m calling for, or pushing for, just like there was a Tea Party movement, a Reagan movement, a conservative movement, a real, new Civil Rights movement. Al Sharpton’s not a Civil Rights movement, he’s a huckster. A real Civil Rights movement, where we advance liberty, prosperity, private property rights, capitalism, American sovereignty, and individual sovereignty. That’s what we need to do, and that’s what I’m pushing for.”

Earlier, Levin said, “Congress doesn’t defend itself. Under the Republican Congress, they’ve surrendered the power of purse. They surrendered the power, in the Senate, of treaty-making. The word ‘impeachment’ is never spoken. It’s hushed, but it’s never spoken. there are powers that Congress have that can control a president, but they will not exercise it. And yet, over the decades since the New Deal, the executive branch has seized authority and the Congressional branch has thrown authority to the executive branch. So, we really have this fourth estate, this massive bureaucracy, the EPA’s the worst of it, that is passing laws. So, the whole constitutional structure’s been turned on its head. We do not have a constitutional republic, we don’t have a federal republic, we don’t have a representative republic, we don’t have a republic right now.”

Levin also stated of the Republican Party, “they won a majority in Congress on a lie, didn’t they? They lied their way into the majority. Look, what this is going to take is a strong, conservative getting the nomination in the Republican Party, people under 45 have never had an opportunity to vote for a conservative for president. It’s time. You realize, Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be president if the Bush family had succeeded. And they’re back, and that whole force is back. And they keep beating down conservatives like we can’t win –.” He particularly named Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-AZ) as examples.

Levin also explained the difference between Democrats and Socialists, arguing, “I think the democrats are more left-wing than the Socialists. I think that’s the difference. I think they’re more Marxist than the Socialists. You know, at least the Socialists are out of the closet, we know who they are. Obama, I think, is even further left than that.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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