Hillary Spox: Email Attacks ‘Politically Motivated,’ But There Are ‘Legitimate Questions’

Hillary for America Senior Spokeswoman Karen Finney denounced the “politically motivated series of attacks” on Hillary Clinton over her emails, but conceded “there are legitimate questions” on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf.”

Finney, in response to a question over the FBI’s probe into the security of Clinton’s emails, and the political ramifications of the controversy over Clinton’s emails, answered, “let’s be realistic here, okay? This is a politically motivated sort of series of attacks that we’ve seen. And as you know, I mean, Chairman [Trey] Gowdy (R-SC) and his committee, right? They’ve been dragging this out. They’re now saying that it won’t be done until some time next year into the election year, so we don’t necessarily — we’re not necessarily expecting that it’s going to end. We’re prepared to fight that fight as long as we need to.”

Guest host Brianna Keilar then asked Finney, “are you saying that there’s — that there are no valid questions?”

Finney said, “That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that we — part of what’s going on here is a politically motivated series of attacks. … Hillary had been saying since November that she was willing to come and testify. We finally have been able to set a date. She’ll do that in October. I think that’ll be a very good thing. … she has said she will stay as long as they like, and answer all of the questions and, look, but, Brianna, let’s be honest here, we’ve been answering questions. She — you asked her the questions, lots of people have asked her questions, we’ve put a whole slew of information, made it available on our website, so we’ll continue to answer the questions, you may or may not like the answers, but again — and I part of what’s important here about this is, remember, Hillary herself is the one who said release the e-mails, let people see them, so they can see what I was working on, and I think as we’ve now gone through two cycles of that, people have seen — gotten a little bit of a sense of her sense of humor, a little bit of her sense of how she works. So, there are legitimate questions, but remember that this committee actually was supposed to be about the tragedy in Benghazi…right? And we’re so far away from that now. This was supposed to be about how do we make sure it never happens again? And what I’d just say finally, on the FBI piece, you know, we knew about this last week when we had that, you know — took the New York Times a few times to get it right. It was kind of botched, they finally kind of did. … nothing’s really changed from last week. We’re going through that process. We’ll obviously cooperate with that process in any way that we can. That’s the way we’ve been proceeding throughout this process, frankly. So, we’re ready for it. And it’s not going to stop us, though, from making sure that Hillary Clinton’s able to get out there every day and, you know, talk to the American people about how she wants to — how she will fight for them.”

(h/t RNC Research)

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