Breitbart EIC Alexander Marlow Hammers Buzzfeed on CNN for ‘Totally Bogus’ Hit Piece

Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief Alex Marlow reacted to Buzzfeed’s allegations that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump gave Breitbart money to report favorably on him by stating that the story is “totally bogus” and “Buzzfeed’s serious political reporting isn’t any more credible than their listicles about fast food items that are no longer on menus” on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

Marlow defended the Breitbart News Network to fill-in host Kate Bolduan: “[The article] is totally bogus. We said so in the statement that we gave to Buzzfeed before they ran it, they put out the story anyway. This reporter [McKay Coppins] has had it out for Breitbart, oh and by the way, the website Mediaite said that this was like the Rolling Stone bogus rape story. This reporter tried to take us down with a hit piece in 2012. He said we’re not going to be around much longer, we’re ten times bigger than when he wrote that piece. He tried to take out Trump in 2014, Trump’s the GOP frontrunner now. In the meantime, Gawker has accused Buzzfeed of pay-for-play themselves. They had their plagiarism scandal. It’s a — look, it’s not a serious article.”

Earlier, Marlow was asked for comment on Trump’s policy specifics. Earlier today, Trump responded to a question on equal pay with, “I don’t want to discuss it…I want to discuss those questions at a debate, and I’ll save them for a debate. But all I can say is on women’s issues and women’s health issues, there will be nobody better than Donald Trump. But I’ll be coming out with some policy on that, and I will be making in the future, I just don’t want to discuss it now.”

Marlow agreed with the host’s criticism of Trump that he is “trying to have it both ways” by saying he wants to be asked about policy, but then saying he doesn’t want to talk about a policy issue when asked about it. Marlow continued, “I was very curious why he didn’t give an answer there. But that’s going to be the next stage for Donald Trump. First of all, it sounds like he’s going to be doing his victory lap tomorrow. He’ll be on CNN in the morning and then back on Fox, because it looks like the polls are in his favor. And then after that, he’s going to have to build that ground game, build that consulting team, and get in a bunker, and learn up his policy positions, so the next time the debate happens, next month, he’s ready to go with a series of answers and so he doesn’t back down.”

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