Buchanan: Hillary’s Emails ‘Hellacious Problem,’ ‘Possible Indictment’ Coming

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said the new revelations that there was top secret information on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server is a “a hellacious political problem,” that can possibly bring an “indictment down the road.”

Buchanan said “Hillary Clinton has got a major problem and the Democratic Party has a major headache. Look for out of forty of those documents that they got contained  classified information and as I understand it, two of them contained information that was top secret. How many more of the documents that she had on her private server contain that kind of information? She’s going to first have to lawyer up,”

He continued, “And secondly if it’s proven that she really has misspoken very possibly deliberately misspoke, you’re talking about her potential problem with the Department of Justice and a possible indictment down the road. I mean We have 18 months between now and next November and the Democratic Party is going to be walking through a minefield that entire time. If I were a senior Democrat, I’d be telling Joe Biden to start throwing hard in the bullpen.”

“You are walking on eggshells going through a minefield. If there’s more and more top secret or secret documents that they find on these documents on her private server, it’s a hellacious political problem for her. She’s already lost dramatically in terms of support, her credibility and trustworthiness is upside down in the polls. This is a real headache for the Democratic Party,” he added.

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