Graham: Hillary Would ‘Kill’ Trump, Jeb’s and Trump’s ISIS Strategies Wrong

South Carolina Senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham criticized fellow candidates former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s and Donald Trump’s ISIS strategies, while arguing that Hillary Clinton would “kill” Trump in the general election on Friday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Graham stated, [relevant remarks being around 3:45] “The ISIS issue — ISIL issue, I challenged everybody in the field, basically to tell me how you would destroy ISIL. And if we don’t have American boots on the ground in Iraq, and eventually Syria, as part of a regional force, buildings are going to fall down here. You talk about inside versus outside. I hope we never elect another novice as commander-in-chief. I’m the most prepared person on both sides of the aisle to be commander-in-chief. I’ve been to Iraq 35 — Afghanistan and Iraq 35 times. I know what’s going on. I predicted everything would happen has happen after we withdrew our forces in 2011. [Sen.] John McCain (R-AZ) and I were right, we should have helped the Free Syrian Army three years ago with a no-fly zone. I have a strategy and a plan to destroy ISIL, it will take about 10,000 American troops in Iraq, the same number in Syria, as part of a regional force. Jeb Bush’s strategy to destroy Iraq — excuse me, to destroy ISIL, is not going to work. He will not put forward a plan that has American boots on the ground. And if you’re not willing to put American boots on the ground, you’re not serious about destroying ISIL. I am.”

Graham also argued that if Donald Trump gets the nomination, Hillary Clinton would “kill him. 62% of the people say they would never vote for Donald Trump. He — his plan for ISIL, to me, is gibberish. No, I think what he’s saying about foreign policy makes no sense. I’ve learned a lot in the last decade. I’ve learned from Bush’s mistakes, Obama’s mistakes, and my mistakes. And the biggest mistake we’re making is allowing ISL to grow in strength in Iraq and Syria, because they are coming here, my friend. If we don’t get on with attacking them over there, they are coming here.”

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