Maher: Bill Needs To Have An Affair To Help Hillary’s Numbers

HBO host Bill Maher suggested Bill Clinton “has to have an affair” in order to help Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher said, “Hillary, your ace in the hole to get America back on your side is, your husband, Bill Clinton. He has to have an affair. Or at least you have to find a way to publicize one of the ones he’s probably already having. I say this because the years when you owned ‘Most Admired Woman in America’ were the years when he was doing it with anything that had shoulder-length hair and moved slower than he did. You can get the magic back. But Bill has to humiliate you. If at all possible, with Rebel Wilson, on the jumbotron, at a Cubs game, while you’re throwing out the first pitch. We can also make this work with Jonah Hill, but nah.”

Earlier he suggested that Clinton ditch her policy plans, arguing, “Campaigns aren’t for policy. Just say, ‘I will be the best at college affordability.'” And that Clinton should attack Republican candidate Donald Trump, stating, “Hillary, you should be the one candidate who hits that blowhard as hard as he hits. Say something like, ‘Mr. Trump, you accuse Megyn Kelly of being on the rag, but what’s going on with your hormones, when you start whining every time a woman asks you a tough question, you little b*tch?'”

He also suggested Clinton should try to show she’s fun-loving by interacting with celebrities, and gave examples such as joining Taylor Swift’s girl gang, urinating in buckets with Justin Bieber, or licking donuts with Ariana Grande.

Maher also said that the woman who slapped her son during the Baltimore riots should be Clinton’s VP pick.

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