George Will: ‘Do We Really Want to Give Nuclear Weapons to Donald Trump?’

On “Fox News Sunday,” conservative columnist George Will said voters will eventually turn on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when they ask themselves “Do we really want to give nuclear weapons to Donald Trump?”

Will said, “What’s going on is that those deemed least qualified to be president, are most qualified to do what the voters want done today, 160 days before the first votes are cast in Iowa, which is send a message. That was George Wallace’s engaging theme in 1968. He said, ‘Send them a message!’ The antecedent of the pronoun ‘them’ was anything you wanted it to be. So, that’s what they’re doing. This is a version of the 1960s fad called primal scream therapy, you’re supposed to shout, and get rid of all your repressed pain from childhood. This is, of course, particularly so for Mr. Trump, and what makes him fragile as a candidate is, first of all, he’s a one-trick pony. He consists of saying, I’m rich, everyone who disagrees with me is stupid, and all our problems are simple, if you’ll put me in charge. Second, people haven’t yet reminded themselves of the peculiar intimacy we live with our presidents now. They’re in our living room every night, they’re constantly in the national consciousness. And third, since we are, at the end of this, going to send a president, people have to say, ‘Do we really want to give nuclear weapons to Donald Trump?’ At which point, I think things change.”

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