Dean: Hillary Email Scandal ‘Manufactured’ by ‘Bored’ Press, GOP

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT), and also the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, offered his thought on what is driving the story behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email during tenure as the nation’s diplomat.

Dean told moderator Chuck Todd that it’s a product of the a “bored” news media and the Republican Party.

“I actually don’t think the answers are evolving,” Dean said. “I think they’re steady as she goes. Look, this is, in fact, manufactured partly by a press that’s bored and partly by the Republicans. Here’s the deal. She did not break any rules, she did not break any policy, she may have sent stuff that was classified that wasn’t labeled classified, and it is well known that the State Department and others are trying to get stuff classified after the fact. She can’t be blamed for this. So I look at this as the usual press frenzy, the pack journalism, and I think it’ll go away, because there’s no sense to it.”

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