Jeb: Trump ‘More A Democrat Than a Republican’ ‘Acting Like a Washington Politician’

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush accused fellow candidate Donald Trump of “acting like a Washington politician” and said Trump “is more a Democrat than a Republican” on Tuesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Bush was asked if he stood by his “act of love” comment on illegal immigration and Trump’s ad criticizing him for this comment. He answered, “What I stand by is the fact that we need to secure our border and I have a comprehensive plan to do just that. I’ve talked to the governors on the border, I was a border governor, because we have lots of immigration coming from the south. I’ve talked to local law enforcement officers and people, and I have a plan to secure to be able to secure the border. That’s what we ought to be focusing on, not grandiose language, not mischaracterizing people’s views. That little ad was just a complete mischaracterization of my thinking. It’s almost as though Donald Trump is acting like a Washington politician, that’s what they do. And, look — and the simple fact is our ad simply uses his own language, his own words to say that he is more a Democrat than a Republican, that he’s for higher taxes rather than cutting taxes, that he believes in a single-payer system, that he’s not only pro-choice, but believes in partial-birth abortion. Those are his words, not mine, I didn’t exaggerate a single thing.”

Bush was asked again if he believed many illegal immigrants come to the US out of an “act of love.” Jeb said, “Of course they do, but that doesn’t matter. What we need to do is secure the border, we need to do it it in a way that doesn’t cost hundreds of billions of dollars as Mr. Trump has proposed. Do it in a thoughtful way to create the rule of law. People are angry because the rule of law is not being applied. I totally get that. And for six years now, under this administration, there hasn’t been the kind of commitment to the border that we need to have. We have sanctuary cities, we have serious problems let’s solve them. my candidacy’s about solving problems rather than just kind of brash rhetoric that’s not grounded in reality.”

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