Christie: ‘Sit Down With Our Allies and Figure Out How We Can Help’ With Refugees

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said that if he was president, “I’d sit down with our allies and figure out how we can help” with the European refugee crisis on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Christie said [relevant exchange begins around 2:00] the refugee crisis was part of the “failed foreign policy” of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and shows the US needs to lead. When asked how many refugees he would take in, Christie stated, “I’d sit down with our allies and figure out how we can help,” and that while he can’t come up with an “exact number” without consulting with the US’ allies, the US should “play their roll in it along with the other allies.”

When asked how he would “make sure terrorists don’t come in with the good guys.” Christie responded, “we have to go after ISIS, and go after them hard,” and criticized the president for calling them the JV team, and for not showing leadership and having a strategy against ISIS.

Christie continued that if he had drawn a “red line” that Bashar al-Assad would be removed if he used chemical weapons, “then we would have taken him out.”

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