Steyn: Hillary’s Campaign Is a ‘Joke,’ Spontaneity Announcement ‘Hilariously Funny’

Columnist and author of “A Disgrace to the Profession,” Mark Steyn dubbed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign a “joke” and her announcement she would be more spontaneous “hilariously funny” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Steyn said, “it’s hilariously funny to have your campaign spokesman announce that you’re planning to be more spontaneous. I mean, I gather that Hillary’s director of spontaneity has announced that she’s going to be spontaneous, this Thursday, 2:00 p.m., at Bud’s Diner in Nashua, New Hampshire. So, if you’re there…and you’ve underground the background check, you’ll get the chance to see Hillary being spontaneous, this Thursday.”

He added, “this is a postmodern campaign. The point about campaigning, in something like the New Hampshire primary, is that you encounter voters, and you persuade them to vote for you. they were a Bernie Sanders guy, but they go to a Hillary event and they’re so stunned by her spontaneity, and her humor that they switch. With the Hillary campaign, you have to announce, before they’ll let you into it, that you’re pledging your lifelong allegiance to Hillary. So, in other words the campaign has conceded that she is incapable of political persuasion.” And that Hillary’s campaign is a “joke” and she’s “the butt of her own jokes.”

Steyn also argued, “there’s no doubt now she broke the law. There’s no doubt she committed a crime. And she committed a crime that, if she were anybody else, she would be in jail for. And, as you mentioned a of couple minutes ago, it’s happened at a time when a low-level county official has — was dispatched to jail. And that actually is one of the big issues in this country, whether we’re bifurcating into a system whereby, if you belong to a certain privileged elite, the laws don’t apply to you. And the Clinton assumption has always been that the laws don’t apply to them.”

He continued, “I don’t see how long she can carry on campaigning. And, Joe Biden, you know, in 2008, the Democrats were told Hillary is the heir presumptive, et her get on with it and win the nomination. And she loused it up. She defeated herself. This time around, Joe Biden was told again, Hillary is the heir presumptive. And she’s loused it up again. And the fact is that neither he, nor any other Democrat, should sit around just watching this slow-motion trainwreck.”

Steyn concluded, “Hillary, I think, would possibly have a sporting chance of surviving this, if there were — there was any good side to her campaign, but everything about her campaign is tone deaf.” And “the danger for the Democrats is that [Independent Vermont Senator] Bernie Sanders will end up sneaking this thing away from her in Iowa and New Hampshire, and her so-called South Carolina firewall is going to crumble, too.”

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