Jeb: ‘I Agree’ With Jindal’s Trump Speech

Republican presidential candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said he agrees with fellow GOP presidential candidate Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s speech denouncing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.”

Jeb was played two clips of Jindal’s speech, where he said, “Donald Trump is not a serious candidate. He’s a narcissist. He’s an egomaniac. The only thing he believes in is himself.” And “Donald Trump is shallow. He has no understanding of policy. He is full of bluster. He has no substance. He lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn. You can’t argue policy with this guy. The only thing that Donald Trump believes in is himself. Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. He’s not for anything. He’s not against anything. Issues don’t mean anything to him. Policies, ideals are not important to him. He is for Donald.”

Jeb responded with, “I agree. I think that Mr. Trump, as the frontrunner needs to be treated like all candidates, and he needs to share what his experiences are to be president of the United States, what his ideas are, and so far, at least, he has not been serious about that. I think he believes that he can insult his way to the presidency. And I don’t think history is a really good guide for that. I think he needs to begin to say what his vision is for the future. And, up till now, I think Governor Jindal’s absolutely correct that he’s not a serious candidate.”

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