Buchanan: Jeb, Trump, Kasich, and Rand ‘Realists’ On Iran Who Don’t ‘Want to Go Back Into the Middle East’

Columnist Pat Buchanan stated that GOP presidential candidates former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Ohio Governor John Kasich are “realists” who don’t “want to go back into the Middle East,” as demonstrated by their foreign policy positions on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan stated, “There’s a clear bifurcation in the Republican Party, and you can see it on the issue of, would you tear up the deal with Iran as soon as you take office? Now, you got Walker will do that, Rubio will do that, I think Carly is going to call Bibi on the phone. And the other side…you’ve got Bush, who I would call a realist, and Trump who says, I’d take a hard look at it, and Rand who said, I’m not going to tear that up, and Kasich who said, I’m not going to tear that up. John, this is the division inside the party, which has been sort of mischaracterized as interventionist versus isolationist. I would say it’s realists versus folks who want to go back into the Middle East.”

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