MSNBC Guest: Pushing Back on Black Lives Matter Is Pushing Back on Progression of Black People

Activist, writer and noted former drug dealer D. Watkins said on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” Saturday that pushing back on the “Black Lives Matter” movement is pushing back on the “progression of black people in America.”

Watkins also said in this day people are all becoming new “brands” of activists and different types of activism need to take place “if we want to see real change.”

“Since movements like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ you have all these brand-new activists. There are guys who are taking on coaching, some guys who are helping out people with financial literacy. You have some people, like me, who focus on writing and journalism. We’re all becoming activists in our own right and doing things to strengthen our community. If you push back on ‘Black Lives Matter,’ you’re kind of pushing back the progression of black people in America in general. We need these types of movements and all these different types of activism to take place if we want to see real change.”

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