Boxer: Fiorina Is Standing ‘With the Men’

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) criticized Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s position on Planned Parenthood, stating, “for her to be the only woman in the race, and stand with the men, and attack a woman’s right to choose” on Monday’s “MSNBC Live.”

Boxer was asked if she had watched the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. She answered, “I watched them when they first came out, but they’re doctored, and they were done in secret, and to me, that’s the worst of the worst. And I said to my staff, ‘just give me summaries.’ I’m not going to do that because what they did was horrible. It’s even against the law in some states, and the courts have stopped them. But let’s be clear, Carly Fiorina does what she always does. She says things, plays fast and loose with the facts, as you said, Planned Parenthood was not on any tape that she described, and no one has seen the kind of tape that she described. But the fact is, for her to be the only woman in the race, and stand with the men, and attack a woman’s right to choose and women’s healthcare and show that lack of respect, but look, I’m shocked that she ran in the first place. Let’s be very clear about it. And the fact that she’s got so far, fine, but I’m going to be telling the truth about her. She took a wonderful company, a Fortune 20 company, she almost destroyed it, according to everybody who knows about the company, including the founder’s grandchildren. The company was worth half of what it was when she left. She never got another job offer. She didn’t vote — I think she voted in eight of 16 elections, or worse than that. But, she’s very good with words, and I think when people see her deeds and see her mean-spiritedness, she won’t be on the top anymore.”

Boxer added, “she’s bouncing because she really is very articulate. But when you examine her record, and the fact that she shipped 30,000 jobs overseas, and forced those beautiful employees to even train their foreign replacements, when these people come out to tell the story of Carly Fiorina, like they did in my Senate race, I won that race in a landslide. I think the Republicans would have a very rough time if she was on the ticket.”

Earlier, Boxer said of a shutdown, “They [Congressional Republicans] did it before. They shut down the government before. They tried to shut it down once over Planned Parenthood, we didn’t allow it. 97% of what Planned Parenthood does is basic healthcare, cancer screenings for three million — almost three million women and men, and there’s no federal funding used for abortion. Fetal tissue research has been legal since Ronald Reagan, so this is playing politics with women’s health. It’s a sad, sad thing. We need to keep this government open. We need to make sure we’re funding our military, we’re funding our education, we’re funding our healthcare, and all the things that we do, Head Start, I could go on, community healthcare centers. It’s all at stake. And it’s all about politics. And that is a terrible commentary. If I’m a republican, I’m embarrassed about this thing.”

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