Carson: Debt Ceiling Raise Would Be Tied to 3-4% Budget Cut, Flat Tax Rate ‘Probably’ ‘Closer to 15%’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that if he was president, a debt ceiling raise would be tied to a 3-4% budget cut and that his flat tax rate “would probably be closer to 15%” on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf.”

Carson stated, “I am not in favor of continually raising the debt ceiling.” Rather, “I would probably make a deal if I were suddenly president now. … I would say if we raise it now, it is on the stipulation, and I would say let’s take all of those different agencies, you’re going to cut your budget by 3% or 4%.”

After the discussion turned to Carson’s flat tax plan, he said “proportionality” is the key issue, “not necessarily to say that it would be 10%. 10% is an easy number to work with, because people can understand the numbers, but it has to apply to everyone equally. It would probably be closer to 15%. There would be no deductions, and no exemptions.”

He added that the flat tax might not bring as much revenue, but would be done “in conjunction” with spending cuts.

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