Andrew Sullivan: Trump The ‘Anti-Obama,’ ‘As White, As Obama Is Mixed’

Blogger Andrew Sullivan argued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is “the anti-Obama” “in some ways,” one of which is, “Trump is as white, as Obama is mixed” on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.”

Sullivan said of Trump, “in some ways, he is the anti-Obama. He represents this ability to say this guy is not our president, this is not America. That…Trump is as white, as Obama is mixed. He’s bombastic, in a way that Obama is measured. He’s full of emotion, in the way that Obama is totally no drama and cool. And Americans often, when they look for a new president, they try and compensate for what they think the other one did. So, Trump has this amazing skill, I think, an advantage, in presenting himself as a man who will obliterate the legacy of this person.”

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