Watch: Caliendo Impersonates Trump, Talks NFL Movement to London

Comedian Frank Caliendo came on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” as GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to discuss New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady, as well as the NFL’s potential expansion to London, England.

Brady endorsed Trump, but later backed off, saying that politics were “way off his radar.”

Caliendo’s Trump commented on that, saying, “Listen, he won’t say if he had the footballs deflated, either, but I think we all know the truth, and the truth is what scares people.”

He is also worried about more games being played in London.

“The league is in trouble,” Caliendo added as Trump. “Games are now being played in London. Why are we letting the British take these games away from us? Don’t get me wrong, I love the British even though they say stuff with a funny little accent and they think soccer is football, which in my mind is stupid. It’s incredibly stupid. Football is a game that’s meant to be played with your hands. Just look at the name… ‘football.'”

The skit concluded with “Trump” signing an autograph for a young fan and charging ten dollars for it.

“That’ll be ten bucks. It’s the real world, everything has a cost.”

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