Hillary Refuses To Look at Email Congresswoman Questioning Her on

Thursday while questioning former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a hearing of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) repeatedly asked a stone-faced Clinton to refer to the email on “tab 31” of the materials provided.

Roby said, “I want to point you to an email in early February 2012 between two staffers at your Libya desk that says you didn’t know whether we still even had a presence in Benghazi. Let’s not use my words. Let’s use theirs. this can be found at tab 31. The email says, and it’s dated February 9, 2012, one writes to the other about an encounter that she had with you. Quote, also the secretary asked last week if we still have a presence in Benghazi. I think she would be upset to hear yes, we do, but because we don’t have enough security, they are on lockdown, end quote. And I say that this is very troubling to me because it raises several issues that I’d like to ask you about.

Clinton replied, “Of course I knew we had a presence in Benghazi. I knew that we were evaluating what that presence should be, how long it should continue, and I knew exactly what we were doing in Libya.”

As the congresswoman continued her line of questioning on the email Clinton refused to look at it saying, “Congresswoman, I’m sorry. I have no recollection.”

After Roby again asked Clinton to “please turn to tab 31,” Clinton refused to look at the email and instead asked who sent the email and then said State Department employees who had the exchange were not part of her staff.

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