Todd: Hillary Has Been Deflecting Her Ownership of the Libyan Policy

Thursday on MSNBC, in discussing a line of questioning during today’s Benghazi Select Committee hearing about Hillary Clinton attempts to take credit for the regime change in Libya, “Meet the Press,” moderator Chuck Todd said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has “been deflecting her ownership”  of the Libyan policy “throughout hearing,”

Todd said, “I noticed, during the first break, it felt like a halftime. It felt like the Republicans realized maybe their questions are too long-winded, not getting her to talk enough. Then they came out and decided, well, their goal should be to try to score political points, think about the last back and forth there between Peter Roskam and Hillary Clinton. I think what he’s trying to do, essentially say, don’t you own this Libya policy, you were trying to so hard to brag about it when it looked good, and then you’ve been deflecting but he didn’t get to that second par. But essentially, she’s been deflecting her ownership of the policy throughout hearing reminding people she’s secretary of state, President Obama, et cetera. but I think that’s what it’s felt like.”

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