Jim Webb: I Am ‘Seriously’ Looking at Running as an Independent for President

Friday on AM 960’s “The Joe Piscopo Show,” the former secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan, former Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) said he is “seriously” looking at running as an independent candidate for president.

Webb said, “We are looking at it seriously. I have been taking to a number of people, some of them people who have been involved in third party efforts before, some of them, people who had already come to me earlier in the year and indicated that this would be a really different year historically if an interdependent run were attempted. You know traditionally if you look at the numbers independents  kind of top out around 20 percent. But the political landscape is so chaotic right now that if there were a — if it looked like this could be done and if we could get the right financial support, done meaning successful, then I think we will take a shot at it.”

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