Ryan: ‘Our Party Has Lost it’s Vision and We Are Going to Replace It’

Wednesday, presumptive Speaker of the House Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI)  vowed things will be different under his leadership.

Ryan said, “This begins a new day in the House of Representatives. John Boehner served with humility and distinction and we owe him a debt of gratitude. But tomorrow we are turning the page. We are not going to have a House that looked like it looks the last few years. We are going to move forward. We are going to unify. Our party has lost its vision and we are going to replace it with a vision. We believe that the country’s on the wrong track. We think the country’s headed in the wrong direction and we have an obligation here in the people’s House to do the people’s business to give this country a better way forward, to give this country an alternative. We are going to respect the people by representing the people. And I want to thank my colleagues for bestowing on to me this great honor. Thank you.”

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