Carson: ‘Our Country’s Biggest Threats Come From Within’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson explained why he believes the “country’s biggest threats” come from within the United States own borders.

Guest host Martha Raddatz asked, “You say you worry about the future of our country. You compared our country to the Roman Emperor. Do you believe our country can fall or collapse?”

Carson said “I believe our country’s biggest threats come from within, from failing to address our incredible fiscal irresponsibility, by allowing our populous to become enemies with each other, stirring up hatred and strife within our country, by allowing the education to take a second seat, by giving a lot of lip service but not actually taking care of it. One of the things that allowed us to so rapidly to advance early on, was the fact that we had a relatively well-educated populous. And Alexis de Tocqueville was so impressed with that when he came over to study America. We only 322 million in this country. We have to compete against China and India, who have over 1 billion. We have to develop all of our people. And we have to start thinking in a group sense, how do we develop, and how do we make America a success for everyone?”

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