Limbaugh on Mizzou: ‘Institutions of Higher Victimization’ Getting Exactly What They Deserve

On his Monday radio broadcast, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh offer his insights on the ongoing controversy at the University of Missouri involving racial tensions, which has resulted in two of the university’s top officials stepping down from their posts.

According to Limbaugh, these officials are getting exactly what they deserve.

“You know, we don’t have students anymore,” Limbaugh said. “We have institutions of higher victimization. We are allowing students to adopt victim status as a means of getting what they want, including grades.  In the list of student demands, there is this demand that university be more accepting of ‘marginalized’ students.  That means two things.  Of course ‘marginalized’ is a racial reference, but it also has to with students who might be flunking out.  We’re supposed to overlook it.  We’re not supposed to punish students who are not getting good grades ’cause it’s not their fault.  They’re victims of a racist hierarchy and patriarchy on campus, and they’re doing the best they can.”

“And you’ve got to respect and understand that with all the stress and all the pressure and all the racism, they’re doing the best they can,” he continued. “And you can’t flunk them.  This is what the university experience has become: Threats, tirades, demands, endless parade of victims, now agitators.  See, I think the universities have had their hands in creating these little monsters.  As far as I’m concerned, they can live with ’em now.  This is exactly it. When they stopped teaching — when they stopped teaching critical thought, when liberalism overcame every campus, when liberalism overwhelmed everything — it was the end of independent, critical thought. And it was the beginning of, ‘You better toe the line or you’re out.’ And this is what they are reaping.”

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