McAuliffe: Republican Candidates ‘Scared to Death’ of Hillary Clinton

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” the former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and current Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) said it is a “badge of honor” that all the Republican presidential candidates at the debates last night attacked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because he said it shows they are “scared to death of her.”

Host Andrea Mitchell said, “You clearly you’re not ignoring the campaign and last night’s debate. The Republicans all aligned attacking her. Jeb Bush trying to distinguish himself saying he would be the best candidate against Hillary Clinton.”

McAuliffe replied, “I think it’s a badge of honor, and Andrea, attacking Hillary Clinton. Scared to death of her. They want to run and attack her every single day so for me sitting here is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton’s shows me they’re scared to death of Hillary Clinton. So you know that’s fine. Why? Because Hillary’s laying out a plan to get the economy moving just as we have done here in Virginia. When I became governor, I inherited a large deficit. I just announced the largest surplus in Virginia history. Hillary wants to do the same thing for the country and when they’re not talking about you means they’re not worried about you. Attacking you every day they’re scared to death of Hillary Clinton. That’s fine. She’ll run her campaign and doing great. We have a long way to go but she’s going to take this country and turbo charge this economy and veterans issues something that I’ve talked to her long and hard about. Veterans issues, employment issues, that’s what her campaign’s going to be about and what she is going to do as president.”

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