Scarborough: ‘Petulant’ Obama ‘Disconnected from Reality,’ ‘Taking the World Along for a Ride’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough railed against President Barack Obama for the speech he gave at the G20 Summit in Turkey on Monday in which he seemed to downplay last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris that have possible ISIS ties.

Scarborough hammered Obama for his demeanor and pointed he was not the only one that had the same reaction to the president.

“It was shocking and the reaction from the people I spoke with across the ideological divide and people that work for other governments that are on the front line of the battle find it shocking that what the French declare as an act of war the president calls a setback. And what Dianne Feinstein says keeps her up at night, the president says – ‘I’m too busy for that.’ I’m too busy for that. He says people can pop off if they want to. He was peevish, he was petulant — not my words, The Washington Post words. He was clearly irritated through the entire press conference and I think most frightening is the fact that he seems disconnected from reality. The reality on the ground in Paris, the reality on the ground in Syria, the reality on the ground — he is the opposite of a neocon that is more wedded to his ideology than his realities on the ground and he’s taking the world along for a ride here.”

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