Ellison: Congress’ Bill Restricting Syrian Refugees Driven by ‘Fear,’ ‘Xenophobia’

Earlier this week on “Democracy Now,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim member of Congress, said the House legislation named the “American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act” in which 47 Democrats joined the GOP to tighten the vetting process on Iraqi and Syrian refugees was driven by “fear and xenophobia.”

Ellison said, “Well there was a piece of legislation motivated by fear motivated by xenophobia, motivated by irrationality. Look we’ve had 750,000 refugees come into this country since the year 2001. None of them, not one has been engaged in terrorism at all.”

He added, “Th refugees have not posed any threat to this country, why then are we going to revamp our whole refugee resettlement program which is incredibly rigorous in terms of the vetting process  simply because of intimidation by Daesh? (ISIS)  This is a bad thing to do.”

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