CNN References Planned Parenthood Videos, Protests During Coverage of Colorado Springs Shooting

CNN Correspondent Kyung Lah brought up the Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress during the network’s coverage of an active shooter in Colorado Springs near a Planned Parenthood center on Friday.

Lah stated, “As far as what we’ve been able to learn about this particular Planned Parenthood center, it appears, Brooke, that the very last protest was in summer, in August. You may remember all the national discussion about some of those videos, those Planned Parenthood videos, whether they were fake, how much they were doctored. There was a national outcry. There were a number of cities that had protests. In late August, there was a week-long protest at this particular planned parenthood center. On Saturday, August 22nd, there were 300 people who were near the center protesting because of those videos. Entirely peaceful, there was no clash between protesters or police, or even the locals, so, very, very peaceful. That is the last major protest we could find at this particular Planned Parenthood center.”

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