Man Accused of Setting Girlfriend on Fire Thanksgiving Day

Per a KHOU report, police have a Texas man in custody after he was accused of setting a woman on fire Thursday, which was Thanksgiving Day.

The woman, the girlfriend of the accused Jose Hernandez, survived the attack, but the injuries she sustained are critical.

“Her back was on fire, her upper half was on fire,” said the woman’s neighbor Carri Bulthuis.

The victim told her neighbors her now ex-boyfriend threw rubbing alcohol on her body and set fire.

“The boyfriend was there and said, ‘I didn’t do it, I didn’t touch her, it wasn’t me.’ I said, I don’t care, get off her.   She was in her car trying to get in and he was pulling on her and the shirt was still on fire in the driveway.  There was nothing left of her back,” said Bulthuis of the attack.

According to deputies, they have been called to the home of Hernandez before for family violence.

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