Rush: Administration Should ‘Choke On All of Its Irony’ On Border Security

On Tuesday, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh expressed suprise that Obama administration “doesn’t choke on all of its irony” on border security.

Rush cited a National Review article entitled “New York Times Reports that Influx of Low-Skilled, Undocumented Immigrants Hurts Workers . . . in Turkey.” He then stated, “Well, imagine that. And the New York Times, by golly, by gosh, acknowledges it in Turkey. I mean, it’s one of those, Shazam! Who would believe this  And so the New York Times is very sympathetic to Turkey and we must be very cognizant of the economic damage that these immigrants — or illegals, folks — could be doing to Turkey. The next story from the Wall Street Journal. And this is stunning, too, because the Wall Street Journal, you’d have to say, is part of open-borders coalition in this country. Wall Street Journal: ‘US Urges Turkey to Seal Border — The Obama administration is pressing Turkey to deploy thousands of additional troops along its border with Syria to cordon off a 60-mile stretch of frontier that U.S. officials say is used by Islamic State to move foreign fighters in and out of the war zone.’ Wait a minute. Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa? The Obama administration says this is impossible to do here! The Obama administration says, This is silly! You can’t have walls. You can’t seal borders. That’s silly. It’s silly to even try. You can’t do it, here. But the Regime is suggesting and urging Turkey do this. You know, it’s a wonder the Regime doesn’t choke on all of its irony, and the open-borders lobbyists at the Wall Street Journal, they buried Turkey’s retort at the bottom of their long article.”

He added, “now the American administration’s urging Turkey to seal their border to keep ISIS out, while at the same time we’re opening our borders to ISIS and whoever else wants to infiltrate the Syrian refugees (who, it turns out, do not want to be here), and that we’re not sealing off the southern border with Mexico, even though we’re telling everybody else around the world — particularly Turkey in this case — to seal their border.” Rush then cited a story from a mayor in a Hungarian frontier town praising the city’s border fence before saying these stories “totally destroy the administration’s position on illegal immigration and borders and fences. It’s amazing.”

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