Scarborough on Obama Speech: ‘We Needed Something New — Post-San Bernardino, We Needed More’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough expressed his disappointment in President Barack Obama’s address to the nation a night earlier.

According to Scarborough, Obama’s effort on Sunday was underwhelming because it failed to reveal anything new to the American people.

“They needed something news – we needed something new,” Scarborough said. “Post-San Bernardino, we needed more. We had a president who was slow to respond to ISIS. He was slow to respond to Paris. He said ISIS was contained. There’s a report out now from the intel community that what he is doing is not working. ISIS isn’t contained.”

“What did the president do last night?” he continued. “He talked about status quo at home. We know that he supports gun control. He’s been talking about that for seven years. That’s not new after San Bernardino. Status quo abroad – as Richard Engel said. It’s staying the course, which has not worked. And his own intel community is saying it’s not working. And so Willie [Geist], so many people were watching last night saying, ‘Is that really it?’”

“I don’t know what new — if the president doesn’t want Americans to be consumed by fear, and here we are on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, then he’s got to give Americans a reason to believe that he’s not just going to stay hunkered down in his ideological bunker and continue to ignore this threat.”

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