Maine High School Teacher Told to Remove ‘Hello Kitty’ Christmas Tree from Classroom

A Maine high school teacher is upset after being sent an email from the principal telling her to remove the pink “Hello Kitty” Christmas tree from her classroom.

“I feel that this is definitely a turning point in our society—when everything offends everyone all the time—it just sucks the joy out of everything,” Catherine Gordon, a math teacher at Bangor High School, posted Friday night on her Facebook page.

pink tree

According to Gordon, she has decorated her classroom for the holidays for 30 years, with a tree as part of the holiday decorations almost every year.

“It just seems that in our quest to be tolerant of everything, we’ve become intolerant to everything,” Gordon said of the incident.

She also hopes this experience opens up a dialogue about what is appropriate and what is not during the holiday season.

“Our local school teachers and parents should have the ultimate say in how to run their classrooms so long as it does not pose any danger to students or the community,” said Maine Congressman Bruce Poliquin, who represents Bangor. “I find the School Department’s decision baseless and completely counter to all that our Nation stands for.”


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