Krauthammer: Going After Hillary Over Bill Clinton’s Indiscretions ‘Too Toxic,’ ‘Would Backfire,’ ‘Extremely High Stakes’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer warned that if GOP candidates are considering attacking Hillary Clinton over her husband former President Bill Clinton’s past, it could backfire by generating sympathy for Hillary Clinton.

Krauthammer was asked about a specific tweet from Trump warning Hillary Clinton about attacks of sexism and what that could mean.

“Very early in the race when Rand Paul was on the cover of Time magazine as the politician in America, he tried to raise that issue, then he shied away,” Krauthammer said. “There’s always a temptation to want to go into that. The one guy who would actually do it, I think, is Trump. Can’t see anybody else doing it because it’s too toxic. And in a way, I think it probably would backfire on anybody who tries it. So if he wants to send out a warning, perhaps. But in the end, if anything, I think it would generate sympathy in the same way Bill Clinton got a little bit wild in the South Carolina race in 2008 … against Obama. It was a cue in sending out signals. It hurt and I think that’s a lesson that other people have learned. If you want to do it, I think it’s extremely high stakes. Trump will do high stakes. I can’t see anyone else who does it. What’s wonderful, in that tweet – it’s amazing how he never ceases to amaze himself. It’s unique.”

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