Dem Strategist Zimmerman: Trump’s ‘Hate-Mongering’ Won’t Work for ‘the Electorate at Large’

Tuesday on CNN, Democratic strategist and Hillary Clinton fundraiser Robert Zimmerman said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s appeal is only among core Republican voters and will not resonate with “the electorate at large.”

Zimmerman said, “Let’s understand Donald Trump’s Atlantic City lounge act for the right wing has a certain resonance among  his supporters. I mean 44 percent of Republicans believe President Obama is a secret Muslim. Fifty-four percent of Trump supporters feel that way. In fact, that crowd thinks ‘Duck Dynasty’ is a think tank. So clearly in the Trump world that kind of hate-mongering and that kind of language has a resonance. Then you get to people with real lives and the electorate at large and that clearly demonstrates why Donald Trump is politically irrelevant in the bigger picture.”

He added. “This is not a conservative versus liberal election. If you look at what Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and Ben Carson stand for —and they have support from 67 percent of the Republican electorate, it’s really about their demagoguery. That’s really at issue here not about conservatism and it’s about demagoguery versus decency.”

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