Esquire Editor: Trump ‘Is the Avatar of Anger’ for White Middle Class Voters

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Richard Dorment, senior editor of Esquire Magazine, said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s success is because of Americans’ anger adding that whites were the angriest of all Americans and he singled out white women as being the angriest of the angry.

Host Chuck Todd asked, “All right, it’s going to hit newsstands on Tuesday, cover is Donald Trump as you just said, as you just said, as you called him the ‘avatar of anger.’ Let’s get into the why. I want to put up one other poll question about the American dream, is it alive for you. ‘Is the American dream still alive and well?’ And a majority said, ‘It’s once true, but not anymore.’ But what was fascinating here is that when you broke it down by ethnicity.”

Dorment said, “Right. I mean, when you look at all the ethnicity, whites are the angriest of all Americans, with white women in particular being the angriest subgroup. But when you asked them why, the majority of white men and women get really angry when they say that the American dream is not what it used to be. That America’s leadership role in the world is not what it used to be. And that life didn’t turn out for them the way that they thought it would be. This is the anger perceived diminishment. And it’s why a slogan like ‘Make America great again,’ resonates so strongly with, you know, white, middle-class voters.”

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