Trump on Obama’s Gun Executive Order: ‘Pretty Soon You Won’t Be Able to Get Guns’

Monday on CNN’s “New Day” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump discussed President Barack Obama’s planned executive action on guns and said it means eventually “you won’t be able to get guns.”

Partial transcript as follows:

CHRIS CUOMO, HOST CNN’s “NEW DAY”: “You mention bullets. The president is going to sign executive orders, he says, we’ll find out more details about them. They do seem to be aimed at closing the gun show loophole. And putting more money into existing gun law enforcement. What is wrong with that?

TRUMP: Pretty soon you won’t be able to get guns. It’s another step in the way of not getting guns. You know, the one thing that is just before we even get to that is the executive order concept. You know, it’s supposed to be negotiated. You’re supposed to a ka cajole, get people in a room, you have Republicans, Democrats, you’re supposed to get together and pass a law. He doesn’t want to do that because it’s too much work. So he doesn’t want to work too hard. He wants to go back and play golf.

CUOMO: What do you do when the side doesn’t want to negotiate and you find something you want to do that you think is right.

TRUMP: He’s been away for two weeks playing golf. He’s not trying hard to get it done.

CUOMO: All presidents go on vacation. You know that, Mr. Trump.

TRUMP: He’s using the executive orders. Look at what happened at the I’ll sign it. Border. He did an executive order a couple of years ago. Now the courts have actually amazingly, the courts have been on our side, meaning the people’s side. And they’ve —

CUOMO: Which side are you on? You’ve said in the past that there should be a quick period where people can figure out whether or not they need a gun. I this I you commented 72 hours we should be able to tell. So you’re for background checks, right?

TRUMP: Right now there’s been tremendous laws put on the books already. You know, nobody ever talks about the mental health aspect. The people that actually pull the trigger of the guns. They don’t talk about that, Chris. All over the country closing up mental health hospitals for budget reasons. People don’t talk about that. They talk about the guns. If people in Paris had guns you wouldn’t have had 130 people and many more to follow get killed. If people in California had a couple of guns in that room, you wouldn’t have had 16 people killed, people laying in the hospital.

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