The Hill’s Stoddard: Obama’s Foreign Policy A ‘Liability’ For Hillary, She’ll ‘Abandon’ Him After Primaries

A.B. Stoddard, Associate Editor of The Hill, argued that President Obama’s foreign policy is “a liability for Hillary Clinton” and she will “abandon him” once she secures the nomination on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”

Stoddard said, after host Greta Van Susteren stated that the Obama administration has “given a lot of material to the Republicans,” “I absolutely agree, and I think, that’s a liability for Hillary Clinton that certainly is. She was part of his team. However, she is going to abandon him like a — in a New York minute the minute she has the primary wrapped up and she’s the nominee. She’s going to turn into a hawk, turn around, and criticize Obama.”

Earlier, she stated, “all the criticisms about the Iran deal might be legitimate. I’ve agreed with criticism’s of Obama’s foreign policy, on the Russian reset failure, what he did in Syria, a red line he abandoned, and on and on. But for these guys who want to be president, and Carly Fiorina on the Republican side, there’s another year of these situations growing worse, and the South China Sea’s — what are we going to see a year from now? What’s happening now? What is the plan? And so, I give Mr. Trump credit for actually saying that he has a way. … But I did not hear it from the other people.”

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