NYPD Police Union President: ‘Law Enforcement Nationwide Has Been Demoralized’

On Sunday, New York City’s AM 970 host John Catsimatidis spoke with NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins on his “The Cats Roundtable” program and the two discussed the state of law enforcement in the United States.

According to Mullins, law enforcement nationwide “has been demoralized” due to some of the isolated incidents that become big headlines.

“The problem now is that for the past two to three years members of law enforcement have been under attack nationwide,” Mullins explained “The perps on the street know that they can get away with the things they normally did and carry the guns. ‘So, I get arrested. The chances of me being stopped again are probably minimal.’ So they go back out and play the odds. I really see a police force that has been reactive rather than proactive. You really can’t blame the officer anymore because the department and law enforcement nationwide has been demoralized.”

“What’s really being missed is that police officers throughout the country are truly the good guys. They are really doing the job the public wants them to do. But, when you have those isolated incidents, it becomes big headlines and then there’s the perception all police officers are that way and that’s just simply not true. Stats are out there to prove the opposite,” he stated.

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