Jeb: Trump Hasn’t Been Scrutinized to the Extent He Will Be in a General Election

Monday on Concord News Radio’s “New Hampshire Now,” former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), a candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, said his rival Donald Trump’s proposals aren’t conservative and are dangerous to our economic security.

“There is a double standard,” Bush said. “He is treated differently than other candidates. His record in business hasn’t been scrutinized to the extent that it ultimately will in a general election. His views on all sorts of policies are not conservative and that hasn’t gotten scrutiny. The idea that he denies that he said he advocated a 45 % tariff on China is nonsense because he did it and the New York Times—they have witnesses and an audio tape. The things he has proposed are not conservative and they are quite dangerous to the economic security of our country. And his foreign policy views mirror those of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in some ways. And so if he was held to the same standards as the other candidates were, there would be some more lively discussions about that.”

He added, “He’s not a proven conservative.”

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