Cruz: PAC Challenge An ‘Opportunity’ For Money to Go to Vets, Trump Is For Amnesty

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz stated that the challenge issued by one of his super PACs to donate to veterans groups if fellow candidate Donald Trump will debate Cruz is “an opportunity for 1.5 million apparently, to go to veterans charities” for someone who backed out “because he was very concerned about veterans” while Sean Hannity said he would be “glad” to moderate debate between the two on Wednseday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Cruz said, in response to the challenge [relevant remarks begin around 2:40] “I’ve got to say, Donald, when he backed out of the debate he said he was doing it because he was very concerned about veterans. Listen, we all care about the incredible brave men and women who served our country. This is an opportunity for 1.5 million apparently, to go to veterans charities if simply Donald will respect the men and women of Iowa and answer their questions, rather than refusing to stand before them.”

Earlier in the interview, Hannity said he “would be glad” to moderate a debate between Trump and Cruz.

Later on, Cruz argued, “Donald’s proposal today, as a presidential candidate is that he still supports amnesty. What he says is, we should deport the people, but then he says once we deport those here illegally, they should be able to come back in as citizens. As you know, that’s called touchback. It’s something establishment Republicans have pushed for a long time.”

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