Cowherd: Socialism Doesn’t Work — Look at College Football

On the Friday broadcast of “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd gave an opening rant about socialism after watching Thursday’s Democratic debate.

First, Cowherd called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “the most qualified presidential candidate we’ve had in two or three decades,” but then he noted the recent success of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The radio host blasted socialism and the idea of free college and free everything else, saying “it’s not going to work.”

He then compared socialism to college football, saying the sport has long been trying to make lesser programs like Wake Forest, Purdue and Iowa State equivalent to powerhouses like Southern Cal, Alabama, Ohio State or Oklahoma by lessening the amount of scholarships schools can offer, to no success.

“Let’s look at today,” Cowherd said. “The NCAA, the socialists, paradigm here, ‘We are going to make it more even than ever.’ They have enacted all sorts of rules for 30 years to make it even. Let’s see if it’s worked. Alabama is, in the last five years, 62-7, three titles. It is the most dominating an SEC football team has ever been. That’s weird. So we enact all these changes to hurt the powerful, and Alabama’s never been more powerful. In the Big 10, Ohio State in its last 32 big 10 games is 31-1. They’ve never been more powerful. 50-4 since Urban Meyer arrived and Purdue still stinks. Clemson has won 24 of 28. Our favorite in every game next year and guess who’s favored to play for the national title? The same two teams who played last year, Alabama and Clemson. How does that work? Bernie Sanders/the NCAA have been enacting all these socialist changes so the little guy will be better and the rich fat cat will come down to Earth, but yet it’s not worked that way at all, has it? Because people aren’t even.”

He noted that the top 10 teams in America now are almost the exact same as 30 years ago, save for Oregon. Cowherd noted that the only reason “uber liberal” Oregon has risen to the top is because “Democrat-voting” Nike owner and Oregon grad Phil Knight “elevated” Oregon because of capitalism.

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