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A woman holds new Bolivar-notes in downtown Caracas on August 21, 2018. - Caracas is issuing new banknotes after lopping five zeroes off the crippled bolivar, casting a pall of uncertainty over businesses and consumers across the country. (Photo by Federico PARRA / AFP) (Photo credit should read FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty …

Venezuelans Baffled as Government Fails to Explain ‘Sovereign Bolívar’ Currency

Venezuelans have started the week in confusion and panic with the introduction of the “sovereign bolívar,” a new currency dictator Nicolás Maduro insists will improve the devastated socialist economy. Speaking to local media, Venezuelans say the government never explained the value of the new currency, meaning they have no idea how to use the new bills.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro unveiled the country's new sovereign bolivar -- along with a raft of economic reform measures -- ahead of a currency relaunch

Venezuela: Businesses to Close Following 60-Fold Minimum Wage Increase

Venezuela is set to face further economic turmoil after socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro announced economic reforms that include lopping five zeroes off the value of the Bolivar currency and increasing the country’s minimum wage by 3,500 percent this weekend.

Venezuela's economic crisis has left residents in San Juan with a chronic water shortage

Venezuelans Start Foregoing Water as Taps Run Dry

Many Venezuelans are now facing the prospect of lack of access to clean water, a crisis affecting everything from people’s homes to public hospitals, a report from Reuters detailed on Wednesday.

In this Feb. 1, 2017 photo, Venezuela's Vice President Tareck El Aissami, right, is saluted by Boilivarian Army officer upon his arrival for a military parade at Fort Tiuna in Caracas, Venezuela. The administration of President Donald Trump is slapping sanctions on El Aissami and accusing him of playing a …

Islamist Venezuelan VP Shifted to Head of Russia Relations

Venezuela dictator Nicolas Maduro announced the appointment of Tarreck el Aissami as head of the Russia-Venezuela Intergovernmental Mixed Commission, a month after he was replaced as vice-president of the socialist regime.