NBC’s Engel: ‘We Had Quite a Bit of An Inconsistent Policy’ In the Middle East Under Obama

NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel argued that under the Obama administration “we had quite a bit of an inconsistent policy” towards the Middle East on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.”

Engel began by saying that “ISIS is undoubtedly a creation of the Iraq War,” and the Bush administration’s military actions broke the Middle East’s status quo “unleashed a lot of demons that had been pent up inside the region.”

He added, “And then, over the last, very soon to be eight years, of this administration, we had quite a bit of an inconsistent policy. And what we’ve been left with is that old status quo is totally destroyed. All of the demons are out, and it’s represented by ISIS, which is this kind of primordial ooze, that had always been there, and has been unleashed.”

Engel further stated that ISIS would “eventually” go away.

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