Panthers’ Allen Attempts to Announce Retirement with Ride Off Into the Sunset, but Weather Doesn’t Cooperate

On Thursday, Carolina Panthers defensive end Jared Allen announced the end of his 12-year NFL career on Twitter.

He said he was going to “ride off into the sunset,” but the weather apparently did not provide him with a sunset. Instead, he turned on his horse and just rode off.

“Well everyone I just want to say thank you for an amazing 12-year career. This was the part where I was going to ride off into the sunset but seeing how there’s no sunset, I’m just going to ride off.”

Allen spent six seasons in Minnesota, four with the Chiefs, two with the Bears and he was traded to the Carolina Panthers in his final season.

Allen could end up in the NFL Hall of Fame, having been named a first-team All-Pro four times and leading the NFL in sacks twice, in 2007 and 2011.

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