Cowherd: Electing Trump Like Having an Affair — ‘Not Considering Long-Term Effect’

On his Fox Sports 1 show “The Herd,” Colin Cowherd compared Thursday voting for GOP front-runner Donald Trump to having an affair.

According to Cowherd, people who are pro-Trump is similar to having an affair in that he is “new” and “different” in the short-term, but Republicans will regret it 20-30 years later because Democrats will “position” the party as anti-Latino.

“Electing Donald Trump in the short term, he’s like having an affair: new, different, dangerous, big hair and overly tanned, something you’ve really never elected before. But long term, 20 years later, 30, you do realize Democrats will position your party as the party that doesn’t like Latinos, the emerging demographic in the country. ‘Remember, those Republicans were the wall people. They got you out of the country,'” Cowherd said.

He continued, “You’re going to be the party that is viewed as anti-Latino, the number one emerging demographic. That’s what’s scary about Trump, conservative or liberal. Discipline. Everybody is seeking short-term answers and not considering long-term effect, be it politics or sport. Be very careful.”

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