Oscar De La Hoya: Trump ‘Is Trying to Get Hillary Clinton Elected’

Former boxer and now boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya told TMZ Sports on Fox Sports 1 that he feels his old golfing friend and GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is trying to get Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton elected.

After he was asked if he felt all of Trump’s antics were “an act,” which he responded, “I truly feel that, at the end of the day, I think he’s trying to get Hillary Clinton elected.”

De La Hoya also discussed an upcoming fight he set up that he said was inspired by Trump’s words at the debates. The fight, set for May 7 in Las Vegas, is between between Amir Khan, a Muslim, and Canelo Alvarez, a Mexican, “to create this big, mega-event and show Trump that we belong in this country.”

The boxer has been “very surprised” by some of Trump’s comments.

“I’m surprised because this is not the Trump that I’ve gotten to know in these last several years. Before he even started to become this super-popular candidate, I knew Trump, and we actually played golf, and I’m very surprised he’s coming out with all these comments,” he said.

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